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How much is shipping? TOP
The price for shipping for 1 item is .50. The price for 2 or more items is .50.

Do you have a store? If so, where is it located? What hours are you open? TOP
Yes, we do have a store. We are located in Fountain Inn, South Carolina. We are currently opened by appointment only. Please email or call us to set up an appointment.

Do you ship international? TOP
Yes, The charge for international shipping is .00 for the first item and .00 for mutliable items.

Why was my credit card declined ? TOP
In most cases where your card has been declined is due to an Address Verification Mismatch, or Card Code Mismatch. Address Verification and Card Code Verification is a precautionary measure Palmetto Embroidery performs to ensure your safety and deter fraudulent activity. We conduct address verification and card code verification through your credit/debit card issuer to confirm your identify and verify the validity of your purchase, ultimately protecting your credit and privacy. If you have any problems checking out please give us a call at 864-439-1209 or email us at

Can I choose the color of thread used for the embroidery on my item? TOP
Yes, but we do carry some items that can be embroidered with only 1 particular color. Please email or call us with a thread color request.

Can I choose where on the item I want the embroidery to be placed? TOP
Yes, but we do carry some items that can be embroidered in only 1 place. Please email or call us with a placement request.

Can I add a phrase (for example: Going to Grandmaís) on an item? How much will it cost to add a phrase? TOP
Yes, as long as there is enough space on the item. If you choose to add a phrase instead of a name/monogram there will be no extra cost. If you choose to add a phrase in addition to a name/monogram, then the cost will be an additional .00. Please email or call us with a phrase addition question.

I am not getting emails from Palmetto Embroidery TOP
Please check any spam or junk mail folder you may have. Insure that your are accepting email from If you are still not getting the mail please call us at 864-439-1209. We have seen problems emailing to free email address ex.

How do I use the font previewer TOP
Step 1: Type the Name or Monogram (First, Last, Middle) in the space provided.
Step 2: Pick a Font from the list and highlight it.
Step 3: If it is a Monogram, then pick a Monogram Style from the list and highlight it.
Step 4: Click Refresh.
Step 5: Continue to choose different Fonts and/or Monogram Styles form the lists to sample different looks for your Name or Monogram.

Do you carry small children's toile quilted backpacks like the backpack diaper bags? I was looking for a duffle bag and a matching cosmetic bag in black and white gingham. Do you carry matching items? TOP
Yes, most all of the larger quilted backpacks, duffle bags, cosmetic totes, etc. come in the same color and pattern for the smaller backpacks. Yes, we do carry a lot of the matching items, like the luggage items, backpacks, etc. If you do not see the items you need on our website please email or call us with your request.

My name is Jane Marie Smith. How do I need to type in my initials on the order page? TOP
You would need to type your initials in this order on the order page: J S M

I just ordered purse, backpack or etc. I left the name/monogram line blank because I do not want anything embroidered on the bag. Is this what I needed to do? TOP
Yes, if you do not want any type of embroidery on your item just leave that line blank. Just a note: every item includes a FREE monogram/name.

Should I have my childís first and last name embroidered on the item? TOP
No, we do not suggest embroidering your childís first and last name on the item. We can however, monogram their first and middle name, if thatís what they go by. Please email or call us with any name questions.

What do I need to type in the name/monogram line on the order page? TOP
Only type in EXACTLY what you would like to have embroidered on the item. If you only want your childís first name, then only type their first name. Be sure that you have spelled the name EXACTLY how you want it to look on the item because once we receive your order we will go by your spelling of the name/monogram to complete your purchase.

Can you use a color other than white for the kids and monogram on the Stick Kid Purse? TOP
Yes, we can use any color thread that you would like for us to use. A lot of customers have matched the thread color to the lining and handle. We have even used pink thread for the girls and blue thread for the boys.

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